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Study In UK

Study in UK: Your Gateway to International Education

Are you thinking about going to school in the UK, a country that has a strong academic history, a varied culture, and institutions that are known all over the world? The UK has long been regarded as a top choice for international students looking for a life-changing educational experience because of its illustrious universities, top-notch education, and active student life. We will take you step-by-step through the many facets of study in UK covering everything from university options and academic programs to the exciting student scene and exciting post-graduation opportunities provided by studying in the UK. So, if you're considering continuing your further education goals, consider studying in the UK for a rich and rewarding experience.

Study In UK

Why Choose the UK for Your Studies

Studying in UK offers a unique opportunity to tap into its rich academic legacy. The United Kingdom is renowned for its academic excellence, making it a prime destination for those seeking top-tier education. With its consistently top-ranked universities on a global scale, the UK stands as an educational hub that can propel students towards their academic and professional aspirations. When you choose to study in  UK, you gain access to a diverse range of programs, allowing you to align your educational journey with your career goals seamlessly. Furthermore, immersing yourself in the UK’s multicultural environment not only enhances your personal growth but also provides a broader perspective on the world. Embrace the enriching learning experience that awaits you in the UK, where intellectual excellence harmonizes with a vibrant cultural tapestry.

If you’re considering pursuing higher education in the United Kingdom, you might want to explore the opportunities offered by the University of Hertfordshire (UOH). This esteemed public university is situated predominantly in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, making it an excellent choice for those looking to study in UK.

  • Scholarship available up to £4,000.
  • Undergraduate Fee: £13450/ Year.
  • Postgraduate Fee: £14850/ Year.
  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses: 
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Media and journalism
  • Economics
  • Sociology and Psychology
  • Law
  • THE ISIC professionally helps you to get admission in University of Hertfordshire.
  • Birmingham, England Approximately Fee: £13,200- £14,200 /Year.
  • Postgraduate courses
  • Undergraduate courses
  • Departments- Art and Design, Built Environment, Business, Computing Education, Engineering, English, Health and Sport, Law, Media, Music and Theatre, Social Sciences,
  • Minimum Initial Deposit 
  • THE ISIC professionally helps you to get admission in Birmingham City University.
  • It is a hub of quality education with seven schools counting Law School.
  • Approximately £13,500/Year.
  • Scholarship Up To 4,000£.
  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate Program.
  • THE ISIC professionally helps you to get admission in University of East London.
  • Location: Canterbury, England.
  • Undergraduate Degrees and Postgraduate programs
  • THE ISIC helps you to get admission in Canterbury Christ Church University.
  • Scholarship UPTO £3000.
  • Initial Deposit £3000.
  • Approximately Up To £9,5000/year.
  • Location: Northampton, United Kingdom.
  • Fee Up To: £10,000.
  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate Courses.

Arts & Humanities , Applied Social and Policy Sciences, Communication and Media, Education, Law, Architecture & Environment, Computing, Engineering & Intelligent System, Engineering, Biomedical Sciences, Health Sciences, Nursing, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Psychology, sports, Business Engagement Unit, Accounting, Finance & Enterprise, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Management, Leadership & Marketing, Economic Policy Center, Leather Technology.

  • Locations: Plymouth, England 
  • Fee Approximately £12,000-13,000/Year.
  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate Program.
  • -Departments-.

Architecture and built environment, Art & Design, Biological Sciences, Logistics, Computing, Chemistry, Engineering, Psychology, Humanities, Education and Teaching, Mathematical Sciences, Law, Criminology and Policing, Earth, Geography, and Environment, Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management, Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences, Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health professions, Sociology, International Relations and Politics, Business, Management, Marketing, Finance and Maritime.

  • Location: Coventry, England.
  • Bachelors Tuition Fee: £13900/ Year.
  • Masters Tuition Fee: £16000/ Year.
  • -Departments-.
  • Business and Law.
  • Arts and Humanities.
  • Health and Life Sciences.
  • Environment and Computing Social Sciences
  • Locations: Huddersfield, England
  •  13,000£/Year.
  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate Program.

Applied Sciences, Business, Art, Design and Architecture, Computing and Engineering, Human and Health Sciences, Music, Humanities and Media, Education and Professional Development.

  • Portsmouth, England Approximately Fee: up to £15000/Year
  • Undergraduate programs Postgraduate programs 
  • -Department-
  • Accounting, Economics and Finance, Architecture and Surveying, Biological Sciences, Business, Management and Marketing, Childhood, Youth Studies and Education, Computer Games and Animation, Computing, Criminology and Forensic Studies, Drama, Music and Performing Arts, Earth Sciences, Engineering, English and Creative Writing, Fashion, Photography, Graphic Arts and Design, Film and Television, Geography and Environmental Sciences, Health Care and Social Care, History, Politics, International Relations and Sociology, Languages Law, Mathematics and Physics, Media and Journalism, Psychology, Sport Science.
  • Location: Bradford, England Fee Up To: £14,000.
  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate Courses.

Faculty of Engineering & Informatics, Faculty of Health Studies, Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences.

  • Location: London, England.
  • Scholarship Up To £2,000.
  • Fee Up To £12,500.
  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate Program.

Art & Design, Business, Cinematic & Games, Computer Sciences, Engineering & Math, Creative Writing & Media, Education Studies Courses, Healthcare & Social work courses, Natural Sciences courses, Law courses, Performing Arts courses, Psychology courses, Social Sciences Courses, Sport and Exercise Science and Rehabilitation courses.

  • Locations: Newcastle, England.
  • Fee: Up to £14,000/Year.

Undergraduate & Postgraduate Program Applied Sciences, NBS Departments, Humanities, Arts, Newcastle Business School, Nursing, Midwifery & Health.

  • Locations: Middlesbrough, England.
  • Fee Up to 10,000£/Year
  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate Program

School of Art & Design School of Computing Engineering & Digital Technology School of Health & Life Sciences School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law Teesside University Business School.

  • Locations: Luton and Bedford, Bedfordshire.
  • Scholarship available of £2000.
  • Undergraduate Fee: £12,900.
  • Postgraduate Fee: £15,600.
  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate Program.

Business, Creative Arts, Technologies & Sciences, Education & Sports, Health & Social Sciences.

  • Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Approximately Fee: Bachelors fee: £12,000/Year- £ 14000/Year Masters fee: up to £14,000/Year
  • Department: Business Computing Creative Industries Education Engineering Health Life Sciences Physical & Chemical Sciences Social sciences Sport

London, England

Postgraduate courses Approximately Fee: £14,500/Year Criminology and Criminal Justice Human Rights and International Relations LLM Human Rights and Legal Practice LLM International Commercial Law and Legal Practice Undergraduate courses Approximately Fee: £13,500/Year Criminology LLB (Hons) Law LLB (Hons) Law and Criminology Sociology

If you’re considering pursuing your education in the UK, you’ll find London to be an exciting location. The approximate fees for bachelor’s programs are around £14,900, while master’s programs cost approximately £18,000. One prestigious option to study in UK is Durham University, a renowned public research institution located in Durham, England. Durham University is composed of a main university and 17 colleges, where departments conduct research and provide education, and colleges oversee domestic arrangements and student welfare.

  • Location: Liverpool, England UK scholarships for Pakistani students Up To £2000.
  • Fee Up To £14,500.

Ageing and Chronic Disease, Institute of Archaeology Classics and Egyptology, Department of (ACE) Architecture, School of Arts, School of the Biological Sciences, School of Biostatistics, Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology Centre for Innovation in Education Chemistry, Department of Civic Design (planning) Civil Engineering and Industrial Design, Department of Communication and Media, Department of Computer Science, Department of Dentistry, School of Department of Women’s and Children’s Health Earth, Ocean & Ecological Sciences, Department of Electrical Eng.