All foreign nationals who wish to enter, reside and work in Denmark, must enter the country legally and obtain residence and work permits in accordance with national rules and regulations. This also applies to Turkish nationals. 

However, economically active Turkish nationals may be entitled to special rights that allow them to continue living legally in Denmark, irrespective of whether the grounds for their original resident permit and work permit no longer apply. This also applies to the family members of Turkish na-tionals, irrespective of their nationality.

The special rights for Turkish nationals and their family members to remain living in Denmark are defined in the agreement of 12 September 1963 on the establishment of an association between the EEC and Turkey (Association Agreement), Additional Protocol of 23 No-vember 1970 to the agreement as well as the Association Council’s decision no. 1/80 of 19 September 1980, plus a number of more recent rulings by the European Court of Justice.

The purpose of the Association Agreement is to strengthen the economic and trade links between Turkey and the current EU,while gradually estab-lishing the free movement of labour between the parties of the 

For more detailed guidance on the rules and conditions, please contact The Danish Immigration Service: Tel.: +45 35 30 88 88.